Wheels and Castors

Bendigo Bearings supplies the full range of quality Fallshaw wheels and castors.

Our castors range from light duty all the way through to very heavy duty, suitable for the toughest industrial environment with a load capacity of 3500kg.

Castors are supplied in a range of materials, including stainless steel and anti-static, suitable for uses including refrigerated environments, conductive areas, corrosive areas, supermarkets, offices, factories, furniture, hospitals and mobility equipment.

Our wheels include pneumatics, soft and hard wheels, as well as the full range of accessories. Wheels are supplied in a variety of materials and loading capacities up to 5000 kg. Materials include SG and cast iron, solid nylon, polyurethane, and rubber.


Domestic castors for use in the home – from beds and couches to desks and tables.


Industrial castors for the business or workshop.


A wide range of wheels for industrial, commercial and home use.