We stock the best brands of engineering adhesives and sealants, mould release agents, cleaners and other speciality products that work to bond, gasket, retain and seal threads.

Our professional quality products surpass the maintenance and repair industries’ highest standards in environment, performance and safety.

  • CRC aerosol and bulk lubricants, anti-corrosion and chemical maintenance products, penetrants, cleaners, cutting fluids, speciality and food grade products,
  • R.C Aerosol and Lubricants
  • Loctite Chisel Gasket Remover
  • Loctite Ceramic Shield 400ml
  • Loctite Filling Foam 500ml
  • Loctite Brake and Parts Cleaner
  • Loctite SF 8040 Freeze and Release
  • Loctite ML-11 Multipurpose Maintain Lube
  • Rocol Foodlube Grease
  • Rocol RTD Metal Cutting Liquid
  • Rocol Flaw Finder kit
  • Rocol Foodlube Hi Power 68
  • Rocol Wire Rope
  • Rocol White Chain and Drive Spray
  • Rocol Sapphire range of bearing grease
  • Hand cleaner
  • Oils
  • Vesconite bushing material
  • Mould Release Agents
  • Alfloc Performance Products
  • Conoco
Lubrication Rocol RTD