Hand Tools

Bendigo Bearings stocks the complete range of Teng Tools products. Choose the perfect storage system for your needs from over 120 tool trays, roller cabinets and tool boxes. Designed with the highest quality Teng tools come packaged in interlocking units that allow you to fill tool trays as you like. You’ll never waste time looking for a tool again! We’ve got a range of complete starter kits and pre-built technician tool kits for most regular applications.

Our Teng Tools range includes:

  • RTAIR Impact Screwdriver
  • RTAIR Compact Wrench
  • RTAIR Pnuematic Grease Gun
  • Tooth Ratchets
  • Claw Pick Up Tool
  • Torque Wrenches
  • Pistol Type Quick Clamps
  • Ratchet Tyre Quick Lever
  • Chrome Vanadium Breaker Bar
  • Pliers
  • Long Screwdrivers
  • Adjustable Hub Nut Wrench
  • Short Blow Gun
  • Long Blow Gun
  • Power Bar
  • Sheet Metal Saw
  • Mini Die Grinder
  • Chisel Hammer
  • Pencil Die Grinders
  • Composite Impact Gun

… and heaps more!