Since 1917 Tsubaki  has been dedicated to be the best chain and sprocket manufacturer in the world. For several decades they’ve set new roller chain standards.  Tsubaki drive chains provide exceptional quality and performance that help our customers meet their power transmission and conveying requirements.


Renold Synergy ‘high performance’ chain has the best wear resistance and fatigue life on the market. It was created to meet a specific requirement of customers: Improved chain performance resulting in better value

Renold Synergy is the only true high-performance chain on the market. Engineers and maintenance professionals around the world endorse the wear resistance and exceptional fatigue life of this remarkable chain technology.

  • Renold Synergy
  • Renold Sprockets

Tsubaki General Use Drive Chains
General Use Drive Chain

General use drive chains – complies to world standards (JIS, ANSI and ISO) with the latest model featuring double the wear life and a 33% increase in kW ratings. A wide range of BS/DIN standard chains are also available.

Tsubaki Lube Free Drive Chains
Lube-Free Drive Chains

Tsubaki Lambda Chain is the industry’s first chain with special oil-impregnated bushings. Since its launch, it has gained an outstanding reputation for its performance in a variety of industries and applications. Lambda Chain meets a wide range of customers’ needs for a product with long life that doesn’t require lubrication, and that results in a reduction in overall long-term costs.

Tsubaki Corrosive Resistant
Corrosion Resistant Drive Chains

Chain for use in applications that require resistance to environmental conditions such as corrosive atmospheres. Tsubaki provides stainless steel chain, various protective coating chains, low-noise chain, and cold-resistant chain, among others.

Tsubaki Super (Heavy Duty) Drive Chains
Super (Heavy Duty) Drive Chains

Increasing the thickness and shape of the plates has given Tsubaki a heavy-duty drive chain with greater transmission capacity, higher allowable load, and superior tensile strength in a compact size.

Tsubaki Special Drive Chains
Special Drive Chains

Our speciality line-up includes Pin Gear Drive Chain, which is used instead of rack and pinion gears, Leaf Chain, which is mainly used in lifting applications, and Curved Chain, which has a large amount of lateral flexibility.

Other Tsubaki Products stocked by Bendigo Bearings include:

  • Power Transmission
  • Alloy & cast taper lock pulleys
  • Sprockets
  • Power locks
  • Weld-in-hubs