For decades Mitsuboshi industrial and automotive belts have been continuously running and powering industries. Their expertise covers today’s diverse belting needs. We stock a wide range of Mitsuboshi and Op-ti-belt branded belts including

  • V Belts
  • Timing Belts
  • Polyrib Belts
  • Automotive Belts
  • Industrial Belts

Detachable belting for manufacturing, automotive, mining, earthmoving and domestic applications.

Mitsuboshi Clasic V Belt
Standard Wrapped V-belt

This belt is very commonly used for power transmission. We supply a wide range of types including heat resistance, oil resistance and flexible types. We also supply banded V-belts, a banded version that prevents vibration, turnover and ensures stable running.

The standard v-belt has applications for a wide range of machinery from light duty power transmission for OA and household electric appliances to heavy duty power transmission such as printing machines, machine tool and crushers

Mitsuboshi Raw Edge Belt
Raw Edge V-belt

These belts feature improved transmission efficiency since they are composed of cord and rubber, with side faces made of fabric. Short fibres are mixed in the rubber in the direction of the belt’s width, contributing to power transmission and helping to resist abrasion caused by side pressure.

Applications include: cars, agricultural machinery, blowers, dynamos, escalators.

Mitsuboshi Tooth Belt
Tooth Timing V-belt

This synchronous power transmission belt has noise levels lower than that of chains and gears and does not require lubrication. A rubber (G type) or polyurethane (U type) is available in double or single sided depending on application.

Applications include: OA equipment, food machines, vending machines,
tooling machines, medical equipment, printing machines.

Mitsuboshi RIBSTAR Belt
V-ribbed Belt

Features high power transmission efficiency and small pulley diameter, combining the high power transmission of V-belts with the good flexibility of flat belts. These features also contribute to the compact design and saving energy for the system.

Applications include: health apparatus, dryers for home and business, printing machines, machine tools, cars.

Mitsuboshi Polymax Belt
Rubber / Polyurethane