Adhesives and Sealants

Loctite is the world’s number one brand of engineering adhesives and sealants. Loctite lubricants, mould release agents, cleaners and other specialty products work to bond, gasket, retain and seal threads in industrial production, maintenance and car care applications.

Devcon is a world leader in adhesive technology and products for industrial OEM assembly, maintenance and repair applications. Devcon’s alternative to welding and brazing is Plastic Steel a tough, steel-filled epoxy putty that’s highly effective and can be drilled, tapped and machined. Whether rebuilding equipment to original specs or preventing failures we have the solution for metal, rubber or floor repair applications. Bond everything from conventional materials to today’s engineered plastics, advanced composites and exotic metals.

Garlock is the global leader in high-performance fluid sealing products for the world’s processing industries. Products are designed specifically for industrial applications including gaskets and sheet material, metallic gaskets, resilient metal seals, Klozure oil seals, bearing isolators and mechanical seals, compression packing, expansion joints, elastomer seals, hydraulic components and tools to increase production in your plant and reduce costs.

Loctite 648 Adhesive